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Close up of 2/365

Close up of 2/365

In keeping with my intention of working intuitively and fast, sketch 2/365 turned into an abstracted landscape. I like what’s happening in parts of the piece, but not all.

2/365 - whole page

2/365 – whole page

I spent about 20 min. total on this not including the time for drying after I collaged a tea bag and some newspaper onto the page – I started making dinner while the page was drying. After I was done, I was reminded of graduate school studying landscape architecture. We called these quick drawings “ideograms” which are basically quick sketches meant to convey a concept or idea graphically. We used them in the early design phases to flesh out how something might be organized and to visualize a project. This was one of my favorite exercises. We also employed model making when building concepts.

When I called it done, I wondered if a more narrative piece like this would work on clay? Maybe tiles, but I don’t know if something in the round would work.

2/365 ingredients list

2/365 ingredients list


  1. Sketchbook with heavy stock paper for water media
  2. Dried tea bag emptied of its contents
  3. Printed newspaper torn (I selected an article that talked about the redevelopment of an area close to my house)
  4. Liquitex satin varnish
  5. Paint brush
  6. Water
  7. Scissors
  8. Brush pen
  9. Black pen – Pilot  0.5 V-Ball (one of my favorites)
  10. Ink pads (not waterproof) (turquoise, black, sepia and white)
  11. Hand carved rubber stamp
  12. Sketch and wash pencil


P.S. I mis-dated this piece. It should read 3-25-15 not 3-26-15.




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